Thursday, December 11, 2014

Brooklyn Nets Potential Big 3 Trades

The Nets have made the Big 3 of D Will, Joe Johnson, and Brook Lopez.  We had some fun making up trade scenarios for them.

Lakers: Julius Randle (4/3mil) and Jeremy Lin (1/8.4mil)
Nets: Brook Lopez (2/15.7mil)
If the Nets are trying to rebuild the entire roster this would be a good move.  They get rid of the injury prone Lopez and get the 7th pick in last years draft on a cheap and long rookie contract.  Also they get Lin who is a big expiring contract.  The Lakers get an All Star Center in Lopez who could pair with Kobe in his last couple of years if he can stay healthy.

Rockets: Patrick Beverley (1/915k) Jason Terry (1/5.8mil) and Papanikolaou (2/4.7mil) 2015 1st round pick, use Lin trade exception
Nets: Deron Williams (3/19.7mil)

Another big rebuilding move to free up a ton of cap space.  Beverley is a solid defensive guard, probably not a starting PG.  Terry is a good size expiring contract and Papa is a young player who has played nicely in his rookie year.
Hornets: Lance Stephenson (3/9mil) Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (2/5mil) Marvin Williams (2/7mil)
Nets: Joe Johnson (2/23mil) Mirza Teletovic (1/3.3mil)

The Hornets roster plan has not worked out, much like the Nets, but the Hornets still feel they can contend this year.  Bringing in Joe Johnson to be a scorer with Big Al makes sense and unloading the Stephenson experiment would take a load off their chest.  The Nets can test out Stephenson, who only signed a two year deal, and get a young MKG(21).

Mavericks: Chandler Parsons (3/14.7mil) and Brandan Wright (1/5mil) 2015 2nd round pick
Nets: Deron Williams (3/19.7mil)

The Mavs have long coveted D Will and could swing their big free agent Parsons, who has not had a stellar start to this year, for him.  The Nets get a young player who has All Star potential in Parsons and a long shot blocker in Wright who is also expiring.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

T MAC off the backboard dunk ASG 2002

Throwback to T Mac's off the backboard alley oop in the 2002 All Star game!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Jabari Parker Baseline Slam!

Jabari Parker easily gets by K Love for the sweet baseline reverse jam!

Shabazz Muhammad Career High 28 Points Full Highlights

Shabazz had his best game as a pro with 28 points and three monster dunks! The first is at :16 as Shabazz gets a drop off pass from Mogotti and dunks all in Kaman's grill.  Dunk 2 comes off a sweet give and go from the suprisingly good passing Dieng.  The third is a 2 hander around RoLo on a dish from Thad at 1:57.

Derrick Williams 18 Points/3 Dunks Full Highlights

Derrick Williams had two big putback dunks and another strong two hand dunk on his way to 18 points in just 14 minutes!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Shabazz Muhammad 17 Points/3 Dunks Full Highlights

Shabazz threw down three monster dunks in a big win vs the Knicks for the Wolves.