Sunday, October 15, 2017

Best Players in the NBA 2017

1. Lebron James
Still at that top spot as he has gone to 8 straight NBA Finals and is still unstoppable getting to the hoop, distributing, and defending.

2. Kevin Durant
Can score at will and one of the best 3 point shooters and was very clutch in his first Finals victory.

3. Russel Westbrook
Is unstoppable on offense at getting to the rim and averaged a triple double last year.

4. James Harden
Averaged near a triple double and was the second leading scorer in the league.

5. Kawhi Leonard
Maybe the second best two way player in the league behind James and will lead the Spurs to a top 3 seed.

6. Anthony Davis
The top big man in the league can defend the rim, grab rebounds, and score in many ways. Hopefully he can lead the Pelicans back to the playoffs.

7. Stephen Curry
The second best player on his team, the former MVP is one of the top shooters and playmakers in the league.

8. Paul George
His numbers will go down a bit this year but he is a great two way player and one of the league's top scorers.

9. Kyrie Irving
An MVP candidate this year after averaging 25 points per game last year he could be around 30 a game for his new squad.

10. Giannis Antetokounmpo
22 points, 9 rebounds, and 5 assists. The guy can do it all and is on the rise again this season.

NBA Eastern Conference Playoff Predictions

1. Cleveland Cavaliers
Added so much talent that they will cruise to the top seed in the East and probably the Finals.

2. Boston Celtics
A lot of talent here but pretty much an all new team so it will take them a while to get on track but I don't see them beating the Cavs.

3. Washington Wizards
A really solid team who has been together for a while now.

4. Toronto Raptors
Another solid team who probably won't make any noise in the playoffs again this year.

5. Milwaukee Bucks
A team on the rise that has a lot of length and talent.

6. Charlotte Hornets
They added Howard and Monk so will be competitive.

7. Miami Heat
An average team and this is really where the cut off of bad teams starts.

8. Philadelphia 76ers
The most talented team of the bottom half of the East and will make the playoffs on talent alone.

NBA Western Conference Playoff Predictions

1. Golden State Warriors 
The best team in the West by far with the best talent should win 65+ games and easily get the one seed.

2. Houston Rockets 
Adding CP3 will make them even better and he adds some defense that hopefully rubs off on the rest of the team.

3. San Antonio Spurs 
Pretty much the same roster but they added Gay for some additional offense to take some of the load off Kawaii and Aldridge.

4. Oklahoma City Thunder 
They take a big jump into the 4th seed with the additions of Paul George and Melo.

5. Minnesota TWolves 
Another team that takes a big jump with Butler, Teague, Crawford and Gibson added they have some of the best talent in the league.

6. Los Angeles Clippers 
The team won't take as big of a hit with the loss of CP3 as people think. Beverly will fill in nicely and they added a shooter and scorer in Galinari.

7. Portland Blazers 
Damian Lillard and CJ Mccollum will lead tis team back to the playoffs with a key addition of Nurkic.

8. Denver Nuggets 
Adding Paul Milsap should get them into the playoffs with the emergence of Jokic and Gary Harris and Jamal Murray stepping up.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

NBA Mock Draft | Lottery Picks

1. Boston Celtics Markelle Fultz

NBA comparison: D'angelo Russell, Dame Lillard

Boston goes with the best available as they have no big holes to fill. Possible other scenarios that could happen are the Celtics trading the pick for Jimmy Butler or Paul George who are likely on the way out of their cities. Also, there have been rumors that Thomas was available last season for a lottery pick and could be available again for the Celtics to draft another top player in this stacked draft and build around say, Fultz and Josh Jackson or Tatum

2. Los Angeles Lakers Lonzo Ball

NBA comparison: Jason Kidd, Russell Westbrook

The Lakers managed to avoid falling down to pick 4 which would have lost them the pick to Philly and moved up to 2 almost certain to take Ball... Seems like it is too good to be true and Ball is destined to be in Purple and Gold.  Heard rumblings of the Lakers looking at Fox here but I'm not buying that. Also, Deangelo Russel has said he doesn't want the Lakers to take Ball, which would likely send him on his way out of LA, although Russel had success playing SG last season but with Ball, Russell, and Clarkson one of those guards will have to go.

3. Philadelphia 76ers Josh Jackson

NBA comparison: Andrew Wiggins

Filling a need for the 6ers in getting a solid wing scorer with potential All Star ability. Simmons looks like he is slated to run the Point so Fox is out as a pick here. Malik Monk is another option at the third pick and Philly has said they like him but I believe Jackson is a much better overall player than Monk and Jackson will be taken here.

4. Phoenix Suns Jayson Tatum

NBA comparison Tobias Harris

The second best wing player in the draft falls to Phoenix who got shafted out of their number two spot and Josh Jackson by the Lakers. With a solid young core of Bledsoe, Booker, and Chriss, the Suns will add a solid small forward dash power forward and the Suns could roll out a dangerous small ball lineup of EBled, Booker, Warren, Tatum, and Chriss.

5. Sacramento Kings DeAaron Fox

NBA comparison John Wall

The player that probably helped his draft stock the most in the NCAA tournament by getting the best of Lonzo and putting up incredible numbers. The Kings get their point guard of the future they have been looking for since Bibby left and Fox even said he wants to go to the Kings which is really rare as the highest rated prospect to agree to workout for the Kings last year was Wade Baldwin who went 17th.

6. Orlando Magic Malik Monk

NBA comparison More skilled Ben Mclemore, Bradley Beal

Probably the best shooter in the draft but not a star in my eyes. The Magic are taking the best player available here as they need to improve in a lot of different areas. A lot of shooting guards on the Magic roster with Fournier and a high pick in Hezonja but knock down shooters can always fit in somewhere. This guy is on my bust alert as prospects o to die in Orlando.

7. Minnesota Timberwolves Jonathan Isaac

NBA comparison better scoring Jerami Grant, ceiling in Giannis

The Timberwolves also take the best available player here as they have no huge gap in their young roster. Could play a small ball power forward for them and would likely begin the year on the bench as a backup small forward. Another option here is Dennis Smith if the Wolves are serious about trading Rubio.

8. New York Knicks Dennis Smith

NBA comparison Dame Lillard

The Knicks need another star to pair with Porzingis as Melo is on the decline and likely not going to be in NY for much longer. Phil Jackson might go with the French Point guard but Smith I think has more star potential and could make an instant impact. I believe he could be the first All Star out of this draft if you think about it... Lowry could be on his way out of the East or join an East team where he doesn't have as big of a role and with Melo likely out of NY soon Smith will have a big role in NY. In a couple of years I could see Smith averaging 20 points and 6 assists, as 2017 All stars Lowry and Walker did, and leading the Knicks to the playoffs along with Porzingis.

9. Dallas Mavericks Lauri Markkanen

NBA comparison better scoring Meyers Leonard, Kristaps Porzingis

Best landing spot possible here for Lauri as an heir for Nowitzki. Whenever Dirk retires he could be a perfect fill in for him in the lineup as a stretch four. A knock down three point shooter as a big man is essential now a days in this league. He is on bust alert for me but call me biased as a Kings fan watching great college shooters flame out or never make a big impact in the league such as Jimmer, Stauskus, Mclemore, Hawes, and TBT Mateen Cleaves.

10. Sacramento Kings Justin Jackson

NBA comparison Rudy Gay, poor mans KD

The highest rising player in the draft currently, besides Fox, who put up 18.3 ppg on a national championship Tar Heels team. Fits the Kings two biggest needs in the draft getting Fox at PG and Jackson here for SF. This team would be oozing with young potential at every spot and I lahve it, with Fox, Hield, Jackson, Skal, Cauley Stein, and Mclemore. Oh me oh myyy

11. Charlotte Hornets Zach Collins

NBA comparison Lamarcus Aldridge

Would hate to be in this spot. The 10 guys before are head and shoulders above all the other players in the draft in my opinion talent and potential wise. The options really drop off here. Collins is young and did not play much on a really good Gonzaga team. We saw flashes of his post moves and mid range game which give me the comparison of Aldridge. He is a couple years away from making an impact and the Hornets have been searching in the draft for a good Center with Zeller and Kaminsky who haven't worked out super well. Kamisnky could play alongside Collins as a stretch four as twin towers.

12. Detroit Pistons Frank Ntilikina

NBA comparison Dante Exum

Tough to compare him to another NBA player because I haven't seen much of his film but Exum is a tall PG like Ntilikina. Detroit should move on from Jackson at PG eventually with this addition as Jackson is a scorer and more fit for a 6th man or a scoring role.

13. Denver Nuggets Jarrett Allen

NBA comparison Derrick Favors

With 6 11 height and a 7 5 wingspan Allen will make an instant impact shot blocking and on the boards as he averaged 11 a game in his first 8 big 12 games. Recently acquired Plumlee didn't seem to really fit in with what the Nugs were doing last year and he is a free agent who probably won't get resigned in Denver. That leaves a void for Allen to come in and be the backup center and eventually start alongside Jokic if he pans out.

14. Miami Heat TJ Leaf

NBA comparison Chris Bosh

Probably won't be as good as Bosh but has a similar game as he is long and athletic. Also he has a good mid range game and will probably shoot the three in the NBA. The Heat need another scorer in my eyes and also a legit PF as they played an undersized James Johnson there for most of the season. Leaf could immediately be the third option after Waiters and Dragic as Whiteside's value is more in his ability to grab rebounds and block shots rather than be a go to scorer.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Rudy Gay Potential Trades

Rudy Gay has wanted out of Sacramento for some time now and the Kings face the decision of trading him now or letting him walk in free agency this Summer and getting nothing in return. These trades are all verified on ESPN Trade Machine and are for teams looking for a wing scoring vet, likek Rudy.

76ers: Get Rudy Gay
Kings: Get Nerlens Noel

The 76ers are looking to unload one of there young bigs and can get a wing scorer in Rudy Gay to make them instantly a better team. Gay could be a mentor for Simmons and also be the go to scorer in Philadelphia possibly getting them in the 8th seed. The Kings get another big man which they have plenty of but then can turn around and trade Koufos. Having a big man rotation of Cousins with two athletic defenders in Cauley-Stein and Noel would be a good combo for them.

Miami: Get Rudy Gay
Kings: Get Goran Dragic

Goran hasn't worked out the way Miami has hoped. A simple one for one deal to get a wing scorer in Miami would make them more dangerous in the East. If they believe their big money free agent signing in Tyler Johnson can run the point then why not give him that chance while replacing the scoring lost in Wade, Bosh, and Deng? For the Kings they can get an upgrade at point guard and let Collison slide back into his role as the sixth man scorer which he has done so well for them.

Houston: Get Rudy Gay
Kings: Get Trevor Ariza and Tyler Ennis

James Harden finally gets a legitimate scorer next to him in Houston, something he really hasn't had since he was in OKC. Ariza is a solid three and D veteran to help the Kings change their culture around this year to be more defensive minded with the additions of him, Barnes, and Temple.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

2017 NBA Season Predictions


James Harden

The move to point guard will boost Harden's assist numbers while not hurting his scoring numbers. If you don't remember, Harden averaged 29, 7.5 assists, and 6 rpg. last season... Probably the best numbers but still didn't win MVP. I think this is his year with Curry and KD on the same team their numbers will go down a bit and I believe Lebron could also dip a little in his numbers. Westbrook and PG13 are the other challengers but I think the Rockets have a better record than the Thunder and PG won't get his numbers up to that of Harden's.

Runner up: Russell Westbrook

Rookie of the Year

Joel Embiid

If he can stay healthy, he looks like he could be a dominant center similar to Dwight Howard in his prime with a better jumper. The other rookies in this class should be limited ex: Simmons will miss first 20 games, Ingram is behind Deng, Dunn behind Rubio/Lavine, and the other rookies look like they will start this season as role players.

Runner up: Brandon Ingram

Defensive MVP

Hassan Whiteside

He averaged an insane 3.7 blocks per game and has the most impact on teams scoring in the paint. If the Heat make the playoffs and are one of the top in the league of points allowed in the paint, it is hard to not vote for Whiteside. Jordan was a far second in blocks per game at 2.3 which Whiteside could have doubled if he played the same mpg as Jordan.

Runner up: Kawhi Leonard

6 Man of the Year

Allen Crabbe

He just signed a 4 year 75 million dollar contract to be a sixth man... They expect him to play 30 minutes a game and will definitely not start at 2 guard over Mccollum. Averaging just 10 points last season I expect that to go up to 15-16 and to get a couple threes a game.

Runner up: Jamal Crawford

Most Improved Player

Dennis Schroder

He definitely will have a great shot at this award as the Hawks let Teague go to make room for him to be the starting point guard. He averaged 11 points and 4 assists off the bench last year in just 20 mpg. I expect him to get up to 34 mpg and see his assist numbers go up to 7 while his ppg rise to 16 making him a prime candidate for this award. Harrison Barnes is also in a great situation to improve his numbers.

Runner up: Harrision Barnes

Coach of the Year

Gregg Poppovich
Because GOAT

Runner up: Dave Joeger, because I'm a Kings fan