Sunday, July 28, 2013

Marcus Camby and1 dunk while with the Knicks

Marcus Camby throws down a huge and 1 dunk on the Toronto Raptors while playing for the New York Knicks.  
Marcus Camby has played for six NBA teams in his career including the Raptors, two stints with the Knicks, the Nuggets, the Clippers, the Trail Blazers, the Rockets and now he returns again to the Rockets.  His new deal this year is for one year and 1.4 million.  Camby will get time at power forward and center but the Rockets have Dwight Howard and last year's starter Omer Asik.  

Camby will bring shot blocking and rebounding as well as a mentor for Dwight Howard who has still not grown up after many years in the NBA.  He can also see time next to Dwight or Omer at power forward where the team is a little thin after trading Patrick Patterson for Thomas Robinson and then trading Robinson for draft picks.  Now they have Greg Smith who had decent success in limited minutes and Terrence Jones who is a small forward/ power forward tweener.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

McLemore Posterizing Dunk

Ben Mclemore throws down a huge dunk on a dish from fellow 2013 Kings draft pick, Ray MacCalum.  This was a big boost in confidence for Mclemore as he struggled most of the games in Las Vegas.  

In 5 games in Vegas Mclemore had two standout performances, his third and fifth game where he scored 26 and 27 respectively.  Those two games were very impressive as Mclemore hit threes and showed off his athletic ability on numerous occasions.

Mclemore had ZERO assists in five games and 30 minutes per game in Vegas which is concerning but while watching him I noticed him make some nice passes on plays where his teammates got fouled at the rim or missed/dropped an easy basket opportunity.  He also seemed to force some shots but he was told to be very aggressive and take shots and make plays where Cousins will do more of in the regular season.  It will also be a huge benefit for Mclemore to play with Grevis Vasquez who will set up threes and layups for him.

MacCalum had a standout Summer League and I believe he could be a very good guard in this league if he gets the chance which might be hard this year behind Vasquez, Isaiah Thomas, and Jimmer Freddette.  He averaged 12 points, 4 assists and 4 rebounds while playing 30 minutes a game in the backcourt next to Mclemore and those two seem to have a little chemistry.

I expect Ben Mclemore to play a sixth or seventh man next year in favor of Marcus Thornton starting. I can see Mclemore averaging 13 points and 4 rebounds while shooting 40% from three point range and making the all rookie first team.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Greg Oden Two Dunks Against Chicago

Greg Oden throws down two dunks against the Bulls.

Greg Oden was the number one pick ahead of Kevin Durant in the 2007 NBA draft.  He has definitely not lived up to the hype of the number one pick as he has only appeared in 82 total games.  Over those 82 games he averaged a respectable 9.4 points per game, 7.3 rebounds per game, and 1.4 blocks per game all while playing only an average of 22 minutes per game.  

After not playing for two years because of three microsurgeries on his knee Greg Oden is trying to make a comeback as a fee agent.  Several teams are looking to add him including: the Heat, Spurs, Pelicans, and Kings.  The biggest question all these teams will have is his inability to stay healthy.  Oden is still only 25 so if he can stay healthy he could contribute long term.

As a member of the Heat Oden could add a rebounding ability that no one on their team currently really possesses as well as a rim protector.  Oden would come off the bench and could help them win another championship.

On the Spurs Oden would be a backup for Splitter and could eventually take his spot if he proves he can stay healthy and perform at a high level still.  He could then take over for Duncan too when he retires.

The Pelicans could be looking to add Oden and instantly start him as they do not have a good center since they traded Robin Lopez.  This might be too much pressure for Oden and we don't know if he knees could take 30 minutes a night.

In Sacramento Oden would not be needed to start instantly because of Cousins, Jason Thompson, Carl Landry, and Patrick Patterson have all been successful starters in this league.  However, he could be moved into the starting lineup and Cousins could be slid to power Forward for a huge starting 4 and 5 combo that could work out nicely.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Ron Artest vicious dunk on CJ Miles

He was Ron Artest when he threw down this dunk but now Metta World Peace is looking for a new place to play after getting amnesties by the Los Angeles Lakers.  On this play Mike Bibby throws Ron the lob pass ahead and he throws it down hard on CJ Miles.  Artest played some of his best years in Sacramento where he averaged 20.5 points a game.  He even goes and high fives some fans sitting behind the hoop after this dunk.

It was rumored that Artest could be interested in going back to Sacramento as they are much in need of a small forward even after adding Luc Richard Mbah a Moute.  John Salmons is seen as the starter but Artest could come in and probably win the starting job.  He would also be a good local veteran for a young Sacramento team lacking veteran leadership. 

One other team that Metta had shown interest in is the New York Knicks because he is from there and his dad lives there.  He would definitely come off the bench in favor of Carmelo Anthony but he could be a nice fit there to provide defense and replace Chris Copeland as a backup small forward.

However, World Peace has said recently that he wants to play in China and is done with the NBA.  I will believe that when he officially signs there but until then I think he will find an NBA team for next season.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mo Williams' dunk & Mike Brown's reaction

6 foot 1 Mo Williams is not known for his ability to dunk but he shows that he can throw one down on this play where he dunks over Paul Pierce.  Apparently Mike Brown was shocked that Mo Williams could even dunk and he was left speechless laughing and stuttering in a funny interview after the game 1 win in the Eastern Conference semi finals.  Mo Williams is not even known as a superior athlete so it surprised me as well as Mike Brown that he dunked over Paul Pierce with such ferocity. 

Mo Williams has many suitors in this years free agency and he is one of the big names left on the market still.  His production fell last year with the Jazz in an injury riddled season where he average only 13 points per game and 6 assists. These numbers have been consistent over the past couple of seasons but Mo still has the capability, i believe to score 18 points per game like he did with the Cavaliers in his all star year.  Most teams see Mo as more of a scoring point guard and while he definitely looks to score first he averaged 6.2 assists per game last year which was 18th in the league.

Atlanta Hawks
The hottest rumor is that Mo Williams is going to sign with the Atlanta Hawks when Jeff Teague is signed to play with the Milwaukee Bucks.  He would be a great fit here as a mentor to the rookie Denis Schroder and Mo could serve as the starting point guard or the sixth man.  Either way Mo would be one of the top scoring threats on the Hawks team who lost Josh Smith to free agency and Joe Johnson in a trade last year with Brooklyn.  I would look to see Mo score 16 points per game and get 5 assists on this Hawks team this year.  This is his most likely landing spot in m eyes as the Hawks have plenty of money to spend and it looks as if Teague is all but gone to the Bucks.

Utah Jazz
Mo Williams said the only way he would return to the Jazz is if he was promised a starting role.  It looks as if he won't be promised that because of the rookie signing of Trey Burke who was the ninth pick and will probably be the starter.  However, Mo could be the sixth man and I think increase his scoring production from what it was last season.  If the Jazz promise him a starting role look for Mo Williams to average 15 points per game and 5 assists next season.

Dallas Mavericks
Reports have said that the Mavericks are very interested in bringing in Mo Williams but I'm not so sure anymore with the signings of Jose Calderon and Devin Harris.  Although Devin Harris sees a lot of time at shooting guard so Mo Williams could compete with Calderon for the starting job but the job might go to Calderon because of his distribution ability.  Mo Williams could be a sixth man and be one of the teams top scorers in that role.  If Monta Ellis signs elsewhere look for Mo's name to be put back into consideration with the Mavericks.  I think Mo Williams could take OJ Mayo's role on the team and score 16 points per game and dish out 4.5 assists per game.

Chicago Bulls
This is another team where Mo Williams would have to come off the bench unless Derrick Rose is still out at the beginning of the year.  He would really give the bulls another scoring option and some much needed three point shooting.  Mo could play the role that Nate Robinson played in the playoffs if Derrick Rose is not available and I think he could score 20 points per game because that offense is designed to run through the point guard.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jeff Teague Dunk

Jeff Teague throws down a huge dunk on the Rockets as he jumps from way out and gets a lot of hang time to flush it on Marcus Morris.  Unfortunately for Teague and the Hawks the basket did not count because Morris was outside the circle and drew the offensive foul on Jeff Teague.  If this counted it would have been one of the dunks of the year for sure as the 6 foot 1 point guard threw down and hung on the rim above the floor.

Teague is one of the league's emerging young point guards who had two really good seasons in a row averaging 15 points and 7 assists this year and 13 points and 5 assists last year to go along with 1 and a half steals per game both years.  This year's free agency was guard heavy and he is one of the remaining guards looking for a new contract.  As for teams that might be interested in him the Atlanta Hawks are still and the Bucks at the moment.

The Hawks lost Devin Harris in free agency to the Mavericks already and could be looking to retain Teague's service as a point guard.  The Hawks have also just drafted a point guard from Germany, Dennis Schroeder and he could be their point guard of the future.  However, the Hawks might want Teague to mentor him and give Schroeder some time to adjust to the NBA as a backup or sixth man for a couple of years before taking the reigns. 

The Milwaukee Bucks have serious interest in getting Teague.  They are up for signing him or even doing a sign and trade with Monta Ellis or Brandon Jennings.  Monta has been rumored to be interested in joining the Hawks and I think they are trying to make room for Schroeder to run the point.  Teague could be a good pickup for the Bucks who signed OJ Mayo this offseason and they could remake their backcourt this year.  The Bucks drafted Giannis Adetokunbo this year and it appears they are rebuilding and probably won't make the playoffs this year.

If the deal to the Bucks falls through look for a new team to emerge and try to sign Jeff Teague.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Between The Legs Pass To Monta Ellis For SICK DUNK

Monta Ellis gets the ball off of the amazing pass between the legs from Samuel Dalembert and dunks it with two hands on the Miami Heat.  The pass was reminiscent of a Vlade Divac pass who was one of the craftiest and best passing 7 footers to ever play in the NBA.

Monta Ellis has a tough decision to make this offseason, whether to sign with the Dallas Mavericks, Atlanta Hawks, or the Sacramento Kings.  All of these three teams are seen as the front runners and the teams that Ellis is seriously considering.  Ellis would probably be expecting receiving near max money as he has averaged 25 points per game in a season in this league and he is coming off of a season where he averaged almost 20 points per game where he had to share a lot of shots with his backcourt mate, Brandon Jennings.

Milwaukee Bucks:
The Bucks seem to be out of the picture now as they are probably only going to keep one of their starting guards and Brandon Jennings seems to be their priority.  However, the Bucks have a lot of money to play with and could offer Ellis a big deal and keep him around if his other suitors don't work out.  The Bucks also signed OJ Mayo this offseason so he looks like he is taking Ellis' old role on the team.

Dallas Mavericks:
This is a very likely destination after the Mavericks lost on the Dwight Howard sweepstakes it seems Mark Cuban has been dying to spend his money.  The Mavericks need another scorer after losing OJ Mayo and have really only one big scorer on the roster in Dirk Nowitzki.  Ellis would be a great fit to score points in bunches and I bet he could average 23 points per game with them next season.

Atlanta Hawks:
The Hawks also lost on the Dwight Howard sweepstakes and are looking to add a high profile scorer after trading Joe Johnson last year and losing Josh Smith to the Pistons last week.  Ellis would be a good fit here too and I think he could average 23 here also.

Sacramento Kings:
Monta Ellis to the Kings has been long rumored since the new owner Ranadive bought the team he has some tie to Ellis, probably from their time together in Golden State.  The Kings have a number of gaurds and seem to have no room for Ellis unless they move Mclemore to the small forward spot which might work if he bulks up some more.  The Kings have eyed a three year deal with Ellis and if they complete that the Kings will be seen as major players in free agencies to come as they have already signed Carl Landry to offseason and had a 58 million dollar deal on the table for a while for Andre Iguodala.  Monta Ellis' shots would be more limited with the Kings than with the Mavs and Hawks because of Thornton, Cousins, Mclemore, and Jimmer but I could still see him averaging 18-20 points per game.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Josh Smith with a powerful dunk against Pistons

Josh Smith goes coast to coast then uses a dribble move to get the hoop and dunk on his new team, the Pistons.

The Detroit Pistons just signed Josh Smith to a huge contract, 4 years 54 million dollars.  Smith has always been about the money and I bet the Pistons were the team willing to pay him the biggest amount of money.  

The roster that Smith is now joining has a very strong frontcourt with two really good and emerging young big men in Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond.  Smith also probably agreed to join the Pistons because he will start at small forward which is a spot he has desired to play even though he has the size to play power forward.  He will have to work on his outside shot but his athleticism and speed is perfect to be a nightmare matchup for most small forwards in the NBA besides Lebron, KD, and Melo.  

Maybe the Pistons will now be able to make the playoffs by sneaking in the 7th or 8th spot in the East, something they haven't done since 2009 when they were swept by the Cleveland Cavaliers and you know who in the first round.  

To complete this roster the Pistons need to add a true point guard because Brandon Knight has proved he is a good player but more a scorer and a shooting guard.  Rodney Stuckey looked like he was going to be great but has slowed down these last couple of years and he isn't really a true point guard either.  On top of that the Pistons just lost Jose Calderon, who they traded for last season, to the Dallas Mavericks.  On top of all of that they needed to address the point guard spot in the draft this year and passed on the local kid from the University of Michigan, Trey Burke, to draft Caldwell Pope who is yet another small shooting guard.

Smith seemed like he wanted to join a contender in maybe Brooklyn, Houston, or Dallas but went for the highest contract and took the money.  There is nothing wrong with that and maybe he can turn Detroit's luck around and get them into the playoffs.

Jason Kapono to Andrew Bynum Alley Oop

Jason Kapono gives a pump fake and then lobs the ball up to Andrew Bynum who catches it with one hand and slams it down.

With the news of Dwight Howard leaving Los Angeles for the Houston Rockets there has already been talk of the Lakers bringing back Andrew Bynum.  Bynum was traded from the Lakers just last year to the Philadelphia 76ers but did not appear in a game.  The 76ers gave up Andre Iguodala in part of a four team trade to get Bynum last year.  However, when Bynum is healthy he is one of the most dominant big men in the NBA and can make plays like this ^ alley oop dunk.

Bynum has shown his disgust with the Lakers organization in the past and when he was traded so I do not see him returning there but there has been reports the Lakers are talking to him.  His return to Philadelphia is unlikely because they traded their all star point guard Jrue Holiday for the rookie center Nerlens Noel to fill Bynum's spot.  

Bynum could fit in New Orleans who is in need of a center after trading Robin Lopez in the Tyreke Evans deal but their team is already injury prone enough with Eric Gordon who only played in a handful of games last season.

Another good fit could be in Dallas where they have a ton of money that they want to spend and they missed out on the Dwight Howard sweepstakes.  They also have a need for the center position and Bynum could be seen as a good backup plan to Dwight Howard.

Wherever Andrew Bynum goes this offseason let's just hope he stays healthy and can help a team win games.  Also let's hope he finds a hairstyle that looks somewhat normal.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Kobe Bryant to Dwight Howard

The Dwight Howard saga is finally over as Dwight says he will join the Rockets and not return to the Los Angles Lakers.  This came o\after Howard reportedly kept changing his mind despite him saying he wasn't.

This dunk is one of Dwight Howard's as a member of the Lakers from future hall of famer Kobe Bryant against his new team, the Houston Rockets.  The nice dish from Bryant will be the last we see from Kobe to Howard expect maybe in an all star game.

Dwight Howard brings experience to the young Rockets team as a 7 time all star and 3 time defensive player of the year.  It will be interesting to see what the Rockets do to accomodate Howard on their roster now that they have Dwight locked up.  Omer Asik is not too happy about this signing and could be moved possibly to the Hornets who need a center after losing Lopez and might give back a Ryan Anderson or another combination of players.

Dwight Howard hopes that this young roster and himself can get the Rockets back to the playoffs and possibly be one of the top teams in the West and contend for a Championship.  Vegas has already changed the Rockets odds from 25-1 to 10-1 to win the championship with the news of the Dwight Howard singing.

Andre Iguodala 3 nice dunks

Andre Iguodala has three nice dunks against the New York Knicks on some nice passes from Evan Turner. 

Iguodala is the newest Golden State Warrior and just signed a 4 year 48 million dollar contract to become the Warriors swingman.  Iguodala lost to Golden State in last years playoffs when he was on the Denver Nuggets.

Known as one of the leagues premiere perimeter defenders Iguodala can instantly uprgrade the Warriors defensively and matches their uptempo fastbreak style of play.  Iguodala also has a three point shot that is above average and insane athleticism.

The Warriors will be looking to make the playoffs again next year and have another run hopefully leading to them getting a championship   I am sure Golden State is not done making moves this offseason and could be in line for another big acquisition. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Porter's Put-back

Otto Porter runs the length of the floor to follow this missed layup with a two hand dunk.  

He was recently selected with the third pick in the NBA draft by the Washington Wizards.  Porter hopes to make an instant impact and start at small forward for the Wizards next year.  He is seen as the most pro ready prospect in the 2013 draft and his skills are seen to translate to this level.

The Wizards came on strong at the end of the season last year when John Wall finally returned to the lineup after an awful start to the season.  Hopefully Otto Porter can enter the lineup and help the Wizards continue that success to get them back into the playoffs for the first time since 2008.