Saturday, October 22, 2016

Rudy Gay Potential Trades

Rudy Gay has wanted out of Sacramento for some time now and the Kings face the decision of trading him now or letting him walk in free agency this Summer and getting nothing in return. These trades are all verified on ESPN Trade Machine and are for teams looking for a wing scoring vet, likek Rudy.

76ers: Get Rudy Gay
Kings: Get Nerlens Noel

The 76ers are looking to unload one of there young bigs and can get a wing scorer in Rudy Gay to make them instantly a better team. Gay could be a mentor for Simmons and also be the go to scorer in Philadelphia possibly getting them in the 8th seed. The Kings get another big man which they have plenty of but then can turn around and trade Koufos. Having a big man rotation of Cousins with two athletic defenders in Cauley-Stein and Noel would be a good combo for them.

Miami: Get Rudy Gay
Kings: Get Goran Dragic

Goran hasn't worked out the way Miami has hoped. A simple one for one deal to get a wing scorer in Miami would make them more dangerous in the East. If they believe their big money free agent signing in Tyler Johnson can run the point then why not give him that chance while replacing the scoring lost in Wade, Bosh, and Deng? For the Kings they can get an upgrade at point guard and let Collison slide back into his role as the sixth man scorer which he has done so well for them.

Houston: Get Rudy Gay
Kings: Get Trevor Ariza and Tyler Ennis

James Harden finally gets a legitimate scorer next to him in Houston, something he really hasn't had since he was in OKC. Ariza is a solid three and D veteran to help the Kings change their culture around this year to be more defensive minded with the additions of him, Barnes, and Temple.