Friday, June 28, 2013

Anthony Bennett Monster Dunk vs. UNC

The newest Cleveland Cavalier and number 1 pick dunks against North Carolina.  Anthony Bennet is a beast at 6'8'' 250 pounds and can be a physical force inside and outside for the Cavs.  Many have compared him to the legend Larry Johnson who threw down huge dunks and had a similar body type.  

Critics have questioned whether or not Anthony Bennet is a power forward or a small forward and for the start of his career he will be playing mostly small forward probably.  This is because of Tristan Thompson becoming a solid starter at power forward last year.  There is also question if Bennet will even start for the Cavs starting out of the gate which is rare for a number one pick.  

Cleveland fans and NBA enthusiasts were all shocked by the selection of Bennet at number one.  Let's hope that they are wrong and he plays at an all star level.