Thursday, August 15, 2013

Donte Greene Traded for Fab Melo

Donte Greene throws down a huge reverse putback dunk off of the Jimmer miss when he was with the 
Sacramento Kings.  Donte is known for his athletic ability, his height for a small forward and his goofiness. 

Donte Greene was traded today for Fab Melo to the Boston Celtics.  Donte signed last season to play with the Grizzlies in the playoffs but did not make an appearance in a game.  Maybe the Celtics will give him a chance to get a role on a rebuilding Boston team.  He certainly has talent and just struggles with inconsistency shooting and producing overall.  

He had moments and full games on the Kings where he looked like a future all star in the nba and the CEltics could be the perfect spot for him to get alot of minutes and show the league what he has to offer.