Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Post Rookie Season Class of 2013 NBA Comparisons

Rankings based on final Rookie Ladder rankings

10. Cody Zeller
6 ppg 4 rpg
4th pick: reach
Ceiling: A smaller Lamarcus Aldridge averaging less points
Floor: Tyler Zeller but better shooter

9. Giannis Antetokounmpo
7 ppg 4 rpg 2 apg
15th pick: steal
Ceiling: Rudy Gay with more hustle and defense
Floor: More athletic Thabo Sefolosha

8. Kelly Olynyk
9 ppg 5 rpg
13th pick: good pick
Ceiling: Mehmet Okur in his all star year
Floor: Byron Mullens

7. Gorgui Dieng
5 ppg 5 rpg, March 15 to the end of the season 12.5 ppg 11 rpg 1.5 blks
21st pick: steal
Ceiling: Serge Ibaka but better rebounder and less blocks
Floor: Epke Udoh

6. Pero Antic
7 ppg 4 rpg 1.1 3pg
signed from Euro league
Ceiling: Anthony Tolliver, not a ton of upside because he is 31
Floor: Matt Bonner

5. Tim Hardaway Jr.
10 ppg 1.6 3pg
24th pick: steal
Ceiling: Joe Johnson or more poised JR Smith
Floor: Larry Hughes

4. Trey Burke
13 ppg 6 apg
9th pick: steal
Ceiling: Chris Paul
Floor: more athletic Jamaal Tinsley

3. Mason Plumlee
7 ppg 4 rpg 66% fg
22nd pick: steal
Ceiling: Tyson Chandler
Floor: Jordan Hill

2. Victor Oladipo
14 ppg 4 apg 4 rpg
2nd pick: great
Ceiling: Dwayne Wade
Floor: Avery Bradley

1. Michael Carter Williams
17 ppg 6 apg 6 rpg
11th pick: steal of the draft
Ceiling: Russell Westbrook/Penny Hardaway
Floor: Shaun Livingston pre injury