Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Possible Dion Waiter Trades

The Cleveland Cavaliers need what the Heat had and that is defense.  A solid perimeter wing defender would be ideal to insert in the Cleveland lineup to make them an elite defensive team like the Heat were.  Dion Waiters has always been in the news for complaining about his role or not starting and plays below average defense.  I imagine the Cavs are listening to possible deals for him to better their team right now.

Minnesota T'wolves
Corey Brewer 4.7 mil
Dion Waiters 4.1 mil

Brewer has been in trade rumors recently, mostly with Houston as they could use a wing defender like the Cavs.  If Cleveland can swap Waiters for Brewer I believe that the Cavs would do that deal as they are in the win now mode.  Waiters is younger (only 22) and plays the 2 guard like rookies Wiggins, Lavine, and the current starter Martin but the Twolves are rebuilding and could just want as much talent as they can get no matter position right now.

Atlanta Hawks
Demarre Carol 2.44 mil
John Jenkins 1.3
Dion Waiters 4.1 mil
2nd round pick 2015

The Hawks lost sixth man Louis Williams to Toronto and Waiters could give them needed bench scoring at the guard spot.  The Cavs would get a solid perimeter defender in Demarre Carol and a young 2 guard in Jenkins who has some potential.

Denver Nuggets
Aaron Afflalo 7.5 mil
Timofey Mozgov 4.6 mil
Dion Waiters 4.1 mil
Tristan Thompson 5.1 mil
Lou Amundson 1.3 mil

Many of you will say this is a crazy trade but I think it works for both teams.  The Cavs get an instant upgrade on offense and defense.  Afflalo is a great wing defender and a good scorer, definitely an upgrade over Waiters.  Thompson may be better than Mozgov but Mozgov gives them a shot blocking center which they could use.  The Nuggets only do this because I think they are in rebuilding mode and Waiters is a young promising player (22) who could turn into a solid player and so is Thompson, but Thompson also is a 5.1 mil expiring contract along with Amundson that could give them cap relief.

I was gonna put a ridiculous LeBron trade in here but decided against it..