Thursday, December 11, 2014

Brooklyn Nets Potential Big 3 Trades

The Nets have made the Big 3 of D Will, Joe Johnson, and Brook Lopez.  We had some fun making up trade scenarios for them.

Lakers: Julius Randle (4/3mil) and Jeremy Lin (1/8.4mil)
Nets: Brook Lopez (2/15.7mil)
If the Nets are trying to rebuild the entire roster this would be a good move.  They get rid of the injury prone Lopez and get the 7th pick in last years draft on a cheap and long rookie contract.  Also they get Lin who is a big expiring contract.  The Lakers get an All Star Center in Lopez who could pair with Kobe in his last couple of years if he can stay healthy.

Rockets: Patrick Beverley (1/915k) Jason Terry (1/5.8mil) and Papanikolaou (2/4.7mil) 2015 1st round pick, use Lin trade exception
Nets: Deron Williams (3/19.7mil)

Another big rebuilding move to free up a ton of cap space.  Beverley is a solid defensive guard, probably not a starting PG.  Terry is a good size expiring contract and Papa is a young player who has played nicely in his rookie year.
Hornets: Lance Stephenson (3/9mil) Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (2/5mil) Marvin Williams (2/7mil)
Nets: Joe Johnson (2/23mil) Mirza Teletovic (1/3.3mil)

The Hornets roster plan has not worked out, much like the Nets, but the Hornets still feel they can contend this year.  Bringing in Joe Johnson to be a scorer with Big Al makes sense and unloading the Stephenson experiment would take a load off their chest.  The Nets can test out Stephenson, who only signed a two year deal, and get a young MKG(21).

Mavericks: Chandler Parsons (3/14.7mil) and Brandan Wright (1/5mil) 2015 2nd round pick
Nets: Deron Williams (3/19.7mil)

The Mavs have long coveted D Will and could swing their big free agent Parsons, who has not had a stellar start to this year, for him.  The Nets get a young player who has All Star potential in Parsons and a long shot blocker in Wright who is also expiring.