Tuesday, July 7, 2015

2015 NBA Rookie Stat Predictions


1. Jahlil Okafor 15
There is no real scorers on the 76er's and not many big men to take his minutes early so he should get plenty of minutes and opportunities.

2. Karl Anthony Towns 12.9
He will definitely be a starter at that PF or C spot but Pekovic will get a lot of inside points and the team has a 20 point scorer in Martin as well as Wiggins might average 20 this year.

3. Stanley Johnson 11.6
His shot has looked great in Summer League and he will probably start at SF and get a lot of minutes and there are not many scorers in DET.

4. D'Angelo Russell 11.4
Current depth at the guard spot will hinder his scoring with Kobe back, Clarkson starting, and Lou Williams and Nick Young being scorers off the bench.  But, Kobe will miss some games so Russell could get more minutes and points in those games.

5. Frank Kaminsky 10.8
Almost put Prozingas here but Kaminsky will definitely see a lot of time with their current starter as Zeller, Kamisnky will get a good amount of starts and shots.


1. Emmanuel Mudiay 5.2
This seems like a lot of assists for a backup PG but Lawson will probably be dealt before the season starts and Mudiay will start every game but struggle with his shot and distribute more than he would like to.

2. D'Angelo Russell 4.1
Not totally sure if the minutes will be there at first but he will get at least 3.5 assists, maybe more as the Lakers could go to a three guard starting line up.

3. Delon Wright 3.5
If he fills the same role that Vasquez was last year as the first point guard off the bench and even starting some games next to Lowry he could really see a good amount of minutes and also hand out some dimes.

4. Jerian Grant 3.1
The Knicks are still rebuilding and last year Galloway saw a ton of minutes so Grant will also get a chance to show what he can do and Calderon probably won't be healthy all year.

5. Tyus Jones 3.0
This might be low for Jones because he will see decent playing time behind Rubio and Rubio also has trouble staying healthy so he might even become the starting PG


1. Karl Anthony Towns 9.1
The minutes will be there and he will be going after every board on offense and defense.

2. Jahlil Okafor 8.6
Has every opportunity to have big rebounding and scoring games and will be great on the boards.

3. Myles Turner 6.3
He will get playing time with Hibbert and West now gone, his offense could struggle at first but he will hit the boards pretty hard.

4. Frank Kaminsky 6.0
Will get minutes and maybe will start but big Al will snatch a lot of his rebounds away.

5. Willie Cauley Stein 5.7
Looked like he was going to start next to Cousins but now the Kings have Koufas and they will take a lot of boards away from Stein who wasn't the greatest rebounder to start with at Kentucky.


1. Willie Cauley Stein 1.8
His job in Sacramento is to block shots, that is why they got him. So he will come in and make defensive plays like a Birdman type of player to start his career.

2. Karl Anthony Towns 1.7
Being the number one pick he will get the minutes and is a big long player who will work very hard on defense and block some shots.

3. Myles Turner 1.6 
Turner will get his minutes and will have a presence on defense and the boards early on.

4. Jahlil Okafor 1.4
Only averaged 1.4 blocks in college but he will get opportunities playing next to a big shot blocker in Noel.

5. Frank Kaminsky 1.2
Averaged 1.7 blocks his junior season and he is a big body who is getting more athletic.