Friday, January 17, 2014

Andre Miller Potential Trades

Andre Miller has been benched by Coach Brian Shaw and has recently been in trade rumors.

Nuggets Get: Jimmer Freddette and Travis Outlaw
Kings Get: Andre Miller

The Kings need a backup point guard since the trade of Vasquez and Miller would be a good veteran to help out Isaiah Thomas.  The Nuggets would get Jimmer who has potential to be a a good bench scorer at the guard position.

Nuggets Get: Eric Maynor and Jan Vesely
Wizards Get: Andre Miller

The Wizards can get a veteran backup point guard as Maynor hasn't worked out for them.  The Nuggets get an expiring deal in Vesely and Maynor showed promise earlier in his career.

Nuggets Get: Matt Bonner and Nick De Colo
Spurs Get: Andre Miller and Quincy Miller

A solid veteran point guard in Andre Miller would be a great fit for him and Quincy is a solid wing defender.  The Nuggets will get 2 expiring contracts and a 3 point shooting power forward as well as a young point guard.