Monday, January 20, 2014

Eric Gordon Potential Trades

With the Pelicans struggling to make the roster full of ball handlers work with Holiday, Evans, and Gordon. They have been looking to move Gordon before the deadline.  Gordon has 3 years and 14 million per year left on his contract so the Pelicans would be happy to move him.   The Pelicans have also been rumored to be in the market for a big man since of so many injuries so a Gordon dela could bring a big man in too. Here are some potential trades:
Pelicans Get: Danny Granger
Pacers Get: Eric Gordon

This trade would give the Pelicans a ton more cap space for free agency as Granger has a 14 million expiring contract at seasons end.  Granger could still be a viable scorer this year from three point range and could be a nice fit at starting small forward and then slide Evans into the starting SG role.  If the fit works then Granger might resign next season on a new, cheaper deal. The Pacers would get another scorer and three point shooter that could put them over the top to beat Miami and win the NBA Finals.

Pelicans Get: Randy Foye, Timofey Mozgov, Darrell Arthur, Andre Miller
Nuggets Get: Eric Gordon, Darius Miller, Jeff Withey

This trade would adress the Pelicans injury needs instantly.  Andre Miller is in trade rumors and could give the Pelicans PG help with Holiday out.  Mozgov is having a nice season filling in for Mcgee at C and with him out is averaging 10 points, 6 boards and 1.3 blocks in 22 minutes. Foye is averaging 2 threes and 11 points per game and 13 a game the past month.  The Nuggets would get another playmaker which they desperately need with Gallo out in Gordon.  Lawson has been the only playmaker for them this season with Chandler playing more as a catch and shoot scrappy player.

Pelicans Get: Spencer Hawes and Evan Turner
76ers Get: Eric Gordon and Darius Miller 2nd Round pick

Both Hawes and Turner have expiring contracts and it has been rumored recently that the 6ers are trying to package them in a trade.  This could help the Pelicans this year as well as free up cap space.  The 76ers are rebuilding around MCW and might see Gordon as a nice pairing next to him in the backcourt.  Also they get a second year player in Darius Miller who has some potential and a second round pick in the low 40 range in a deep draft.