Monday, February 10, 2014

Brandon Bass Potential Trades

Suns: Brandon Bass and Gerald Wallace
Celtics: Emeka Okafor and PJ Tucker

The Celtics get the most sought after expiring deal in Oakafor's 14 million contract and Tucker who also has an expiring deal.  The Hard Part will be for the Suns to take Wallace's terrible contract but if the suns are looking to make a run this year Wallace could actually help them at SF and Bass is rumored to be wanted by the Suns.

Warriors: Brandon Bass
Celtics: Jermaine O'neal and Mareese Speights and 1st round pick 2015

The Warriors also are rumored to be interested in Bass after losing Landry in free agency this summer they miss having a bruiser at the backup PF spot.  Landry's replacements, JO and Speights, have not got it done and the Warriors would be willing to swap those guys for Bass by giving up their 1st pick in 2015 estimated to be in the late 20's.

Bobcats: Brandon Bass and Avery Bradley
Celtics: Josh Mcroberts Bismack Biyombo Jeff Adrien and first pick from Blazers 2014

The Bobcats have been rumored to have interest in Bass for upgrading the PF spot.  Bradley also would give them a defensive stopper and scorer off the bench.  The Celtics would receive 2 million less in salary and an expiring 1 million dollar deal in Adrien as well as two young athletic big men.