Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Potential Kenneth Faried 3 Way Trade (Speculation)

The rumors have began again that the Knicks want Faried again for a package around Shumpert.  I don't see the Nuggets taking a straight up Faried for Shumpert deal though and I think the Nuggets will want to move the 37 year old PG who has 2 yrs at 5 mil a year on his contract left.  That's where the Kings come in who have been interested in Miller.
Nuggets: Iman Shumpert, Jimmer Freddette, Cole Aldrich, Kings 2nd rnd pick 2014
Knicks: Kenneth Faried, Travis Outlaw
Kings: Andre Miller, Beno Udrih

Why Nuggets do it: The Nuggets get a very promising young player in Shumpert who has star potential and they get to get rid of a bad contract in Miller who is not even playing for them all while acquiring Jimmer as a backup PG and getting an early second round pick.  Aldrich is a throw in with one year left on his deal who might play a decent amount of minutes for them this season because of the Nuggs lack of depth in the frontcourt.

Why Knicks do it:  They have long coveted Faried and they have been looking to ship Shumpert for some time so they get what they want. However they have to take on Outlaws contract at 3 mill a year for two years but they can ship Udrih who is upset at his playing time.

Why the Kings do it:  The Kings get Miller who they have had interest in all season to mentor Isaih Thomas and give him minutes as a pass first PG.  The Kings also shed Outlaw's contract for giving up their second round pick and get Udrih back who spent many years in Sac for only the rest of the season.