Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mo Williams' dunk & Mike Brown's reaction

6 foot 1 Mo Williams is not known for his ability to dunk but he shows that he can throw one down on this play where he dunks over Paul Pierce.  Apparently Mike Brown was shocked that Mo Williams could even dunk and he was left speechless laughing and stuttering in a funny interview after the game 1 win in the Eastern Conference semi finals.  Mo Williams is not even known as a superior athlete so it surprised me as well as Mike Brown that he dunked over Paul Pierce with such ferocity. 

Mo Williams has many suitors in this years free agency and he is one of the big names left on the market still.  His production fell last year with the Jazz in an injury riddled season where he average only 13 points per game and 6 assists. These numbers have been consistent over the past couple of seasons but Mo still has the capability, i believe to score 18 points per game like he did with the Cavaliers in his all star year.  Most teams see Mo as more of a scoring point guard and while he definitely looks to score first he averaged 6.2 assists per game last year which was 18th in the league.

Atlanta Hawks
The hottest rumor is that Mo Williams is going to sign with the Atlanta Hawks when Jeff Teague is signed to play with the Milwaukee Bucks.  He would be a great fit here as a mentor to the rookie Denis Schroder and Mo could serve as the starting point guard or the sixth man.  Either way Mo would be one of the top scoring threats on the Hawks team who lost Josh Smith to free agency and Joe Johnson in a trade last year with Brooklyn.  I would look to see Mo score 16 points per game and get 5 assists on this Hawks team this year.  This is his most likely landing spot in m eyes as the Hawks have plenty of money to spend and it looks as if Teague is all but gone to the Bucks.

Utah Jazz
Mo Williams said the only way he would return to the Jazz is if he was promised a starting role.  It looks as if he won't be promised that because of the rookie signing of Trey Burke who was the ninth pick and will probably be the starter.  However, Mo could be the sixth man and I think increase his scoring production from what it was last season.  If the Jazz promise him a starting role look for Mo Williams to average 15 points per game and 5 assists next season.

Dallas Mavericks
Reports have said that the Mavericks are very interested in bringing in Mo Williams but I'm not so sure anymore with the signings of Jose Calderon and Devin Harris.  Although Devin Harris sees a lot of time at shooting guard so Mo Williams could compete with Calderon for the starting job but the job might go to Calderon because of his distribution ability.  Mo Williams could be a sixth man and be one of the teams top scorers in that role.  If Monta Ellis signs elsewhere look for Mo's name to be put back into consideration with the Mavericks.  I think Mo Williams could take OJ Mayo's role on the team and score 16 points per game and dish out 4.5 assists per game.

Chicago Bulls
This is another team where Mo Williams would have to come off the bench unless Derrick Rose is still out at the beginning of the year.  He would really give the bulls another scoring option and some much needed three point shooting.  Mo could play the role that Nate Robinson played in the playoffs if Derrick Rose is not available and I think he could score 20 points per game because that offense is designed to run through the point guard.