Saturday, July 6, 2013

Jason Kapono to Andrew Bynum Alley Oop

Jason Kapono gives a pump fake and then lobs the ball up to Andrew Bynum who catches it with one hand and slams it down.

With the news of Dwight Howard leaving Los Angeles for the Houston Rockets there has already been talk of the Lakers bringing back Andrew Bynum.  Bynum was traded from the Lakers just last year to the Philadelphia 76ers but did not appear in a game.  The 76ers gave up Andre Iguodala in part of a four team trade to get Bynum last year.  However, when Bynum is healthy he is one of the most dominant big men in the NBA and can make plays like this ^ alley oop dunk.

Bynum has shown his disgust with the Lakers organization in the past and when he was traded so I do not see him returning there but there has been reports the Lakers are talking to him.  His return to Philadelphia is unlikely because they traded their all star point guard Jrue Holiday for the rookie center Nerlens Noel to fill Bynum's spot.  

Bynum could fit in New Orleans who is in need of a center after trading Robin Lopez in the Tyreke Evans deal but their team is already injury prone enough with Eric Gordon who only played in a handful of games last season.

Another good fit could be in Dallas where they have a ton of money that they want to spend and they missed out on the Dwight Howard sweepstakes.  They also have a need for the center position and Bynum could be seen as a good backup plan to Dwight Howard.

Wherever Andrew Bynum goes this offseason let's just hope he stays healthy and can help a team win games.  Also let's hope he finds a hairstyle that looks somewhat normal.