Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jeff Teague Dunk

Jeff Teague throws down a huge dunk on the Rockets as he jumps from way out and gets a lot of hang time to flush it on Marcus Morris.  Unfortunately for Teague and the Hawks the basket did not count because Morris was outside the circle and drew the offensive foul on Jeff Teague.  If this counted it would have been one of the dunks of the year for sure as the 6 foot 1 point guard threw down and hung on the rim above the floor.

Teague is one of the league's emerging young point guards who had two really good seasons in a row averaging 15 points and 7 assists this year and 13 points and 5 assists last year to go along with 1 and a half steals per game both years.  This year's free agency was guard heavy and he is one of the remaining guards looking for a new contract.  As for teams that might be interested in him the Atlanta Hawks are still and the Bucks at the moment.

The Hawks lost Devin Harris in free agency to the Mavericks already and could be looking to retain Teague's service as a point guard.  The Hawks have also just drafted a point guard from Germany, Dennis Schroeder and he could be their point guard of the future.  However, the Hawks might want Teague to mentor him and give Schroeder some time to adjust to the NBA as a backup or sixth man for a couple of years before taking the reigns. 

The Milwaukee Bucks have serious interest in getting Teague.  They are up for signing him or even doing a sign and trade with Monta Ellis or Brandon Jennings.  Monta has been rumored to be interested in joining the Hawks and I think they are trying to make room for Schroeder to run the point.  Teague could be a good pickup for the Bucks who signed OJ Mayo this offseason and they could remake their backcourt this year.  The Bucks drafted Giannis Adetokunbo this year and it appears they are rebuilding and probably won't make the playoffs this year.

If the deal to the Bucks falls through look for a new team to emerge and try to sign Jeff Teague.