Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Marcus Thornton Potential Trades

The Kings just moved their starting small forward Mbah a Moute for a young promising player in Derrick Williams and have made it no secret they are trying to move more players in an effort to get younger and better.  Thornton is sure to be moved by the deadline if not sooner as he has gotten multiple DNPs the last games after starting the first couple games.  Thornton current deal is 8 million per year for 2 years.

Grizzlies Recieve: Marcus Thornnton
Kings Recieve: Tayshaun Prince, Jamaal Franklin, 1st round pick

The Grizz are in a win now situation and need a scorer on the wing and Thornton would definitely give them that as he is capable of putting up 18 a night.  Prince hasn't been a scoring threat all year averaging 7 a game but the Kings need a player to play 20-22 minutes for them at SF with Mbah a Moute gone and Williams to play small and power forward (i think he is more of a power forward).  Also, the Grizz need to get his 7 million for 2 year contract off their team if they are going to give up their first round pick.  The kings also get Franklin who fell to the second round but I think he was a first round talent who could blossom into a starting small forward or 6th man who can defend and score.  The Grizzlies first round pick will fall around 15-19 which is nice in this deep draft.

Pacers Receive: Marcus Thornton, Jason Thompson
Kings Receive: Danny Granger

If the Kings really want to give up on this season they could get Granger who is very injury prone but has a one year 14 million contract that would give the Kings plenty of cap space to work with this summer.  Granger will only play a handful of games this season so this trade would be all about getting cap space.  The Kings give up Thornton and Thompson's bad contract (4 years 5.6 a year) but the Pacers get a bench scorer in Thornton which they don't have.  Thompson could help them as a backup energy guy at power forward.

Nuggets Receive: Marcus Thornton, Travis Outlaw, Grevis Vasquez
Kings Receive: Wilson Chandler, Andre Miller, Darrel Arthur

The Nuggets get a scorer they need to compete in the West in Thornton and get a pass first point guard to backup Lawson and Outlaw to play Small forward until Gallinari gets back (which is why Chandler is expendable to them.)  The Nuggets second leading scorer averages 11 points a game so they need a scorer. Chandler would be the small forward the kings are looking for as he makes threes, defends, and doesn't need the ball in his hands to be effective.  Miller has 2 years left at 5 mill a year and Arthur is an energy player who probably won't see much time.   This could pave way for IT to start and give Jimmer or Ray Mac more of a chance to play.