Sunday, November 17, 2013

Omer Asik Trade Scenarios

It's been no secret Asik has been wanting a trade as soon as the Rockets signed Dwight Howard and last week he requested a trade.  The Rockets are exploring trades and will move him before the deadline if not much earlier.

Miami Heat Receive: Omer Asik, Chandler Parsons, Jeremy Lin
Houston Receives: Chris Bosh, Rashard Lewis

Miami gets a huge improvement in rebounding which they are in big time need of and Houston gets a third player to form a big 3 in Bosh (from Houston) who can stretch the floor.  Chandler Parsons is a nice young piece who could be the Heat's sixth man and Lin who would provide a good spark off the bench or could be the starter over Chalmers.
New Orleans Recieves: Omer Asik, 2nd round pick 2014
Houston Recieves: Ryan Anderson

Probably the most talked about trade and the salaries match perfectly. The Pelicans have had a slow start and might want to mix their team up.  Jason Smith has not really got it done as a Center who shoots jumpers outside mostly and averages 5 rebounds per game in 28 minutes.  The Rockets receive Anderson to stretch the floor for Harden to drive and Howard to work down low and Anderson had career numbers when playing with Howard in Orlando.

New York Knicks Recieve: Omer Asik, Motiejunas, Patrick Beverly
Houston Receives: Andrea Bargnani, Raymond Felton, 2nd round pick 2014

The Knicks need a Center to play defense and rebound while Chandler is out for 4-6 more weeks if they are trying to compete this year.  Asik gives them that and Houston gets an upgrade at point guard and a stretch player like Anderson or Bosh in Bargnani.  Iman Shumpert could also be included in this trade but I think it would be more likely that Houston targets Bargnani as the main piece.