Saturday, November 23, 2013

Rajon Rondo Potential Trades

With the Celtics in rebuilding mode the team is looking to tank this year most likely to get a top draft pick.  The team is said to be shopping Rondo and could look for young pieces as well as salary cap space.

New York Knicks get: Rondo, Gerald Wallace, Courtney Lee
Celtics get: Amare Stoudemire, Imaan Shumpert, Raymond Felton 1st round pick

They said they don't mind taking on Amare's huge deal if they can get rid or Wallace and the Celtics also get a nice young player in Shumpert.  The first pick could be top 15 also this year if the Knicks can't figure out their early season woes.  The Knicks get an all star point guard in Rondo to help them try to become a contender in the next couple of seasons.

Dallas Mavericks get: Rondo, Courtney Lee
Celtics get: Jose Calderon, Vince Carter, and Shawn Marion, 1st round pick

The Celtics get 2 expiring contracts in Marion and Carter for a total of 12.5 million and a bad contract in Calderon (6.7 mil for 4 yrs).  The Celtics can then get rid of one of their bad contacts in Lee (5.5 mil for 3 yrs).  Calderon is eligible to traded December 15th.

Houston Rockets get: Rondo
Celtics get: Omer Asik, Terrance Jones, Patrick Beverly, 1st round pick

The Celtics get a good big man in Asik who only has 2 years on his deal left, and 2 nice young players in Jones who is the Rockets starting power forward currently and Beverly both for very cheap. The Rockets get the point guard they need to make them contenders and give up a 1st round pick probably in the 22-27 range.

Sacramento Kings get: Rondo, Jordan Crawford, Brandon Bass, and Marshon Brooks.
Celtics get: Marcus Thornton, Isaiah Thomas, Patrick Patterson, Jimmer Fredette, and Chuck Hayes

This is a massive 4 for 5 person trade that would really shake up both rosters which the teams don't mind doing.  The Celtics get expiring contracts in Jimmer, Isaiah and Patterson and Hayes who has 2 years left as well as a good NBA scorer in Thornton who has 2 yaers left too.  Isaiah is also a nice young piece they could resign, hes averaging 18 ppg this year so far.  The Kings get one of the top NBA point guards in Rondo as well as two guards who have potential and Bass is a solid PF.